Dear friend,

Every Friday just before the sun sets, Jewish women and girls light a candle or two and surround the planet with a ring of light. Imagine the view from outer space – as darkness creeps around the earth, little flames are already flashing upward to illuminate it.
With outstretched arms, we Jewish women circle the flame three times: for our family, our community, and for all mankind. We draw the light towards us and pray. The gates of heaven are open. It’s an auspicious time to request blessing, to connect to the transcendent aspect of our soul, and to envision an era of true peace, joy and tranquility.
 As we chant the ancient blessing and add our personal requests, envision the prayers weaving in and out of every room, and between homes and streets and cities, tying us all together in these moments of selflessness. The air becomes sweet with blessings.
This year, against the backdrop of the unrest in our Holy Land we are especially eager to bring light and blessing into our lives; especially peace and safety for our brothers and sisters in Israel.  We are delighted to present you with your Candle Lighting Guide for 2014-2015 but we are also asking you for a special favor. You know about this special Mitzvah: won’t you help us spread the word to every Jewish woman you know? We need the illumination and special protection that these candles bring into our lives and into our world.
In this, the 40th year from the inception of the Lubavitch Women’s Organization Candle Lighting Campaign, we are counting on you to help us illuminate the hearts and homes of all our Jewish sisters.
Please write us with the names and addresses of people you think would like to get our candle lighting guide and if you wish, please enclose a donation to help us in this important endeavor.
One small flame can banish great darkness and shed significant light and warmth; with your assistance we can bring Shabbat and all its blessing to more and more homes.
Mrs. Esther Sternberg